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Strategic Plan Process

  • September 2020 - Introduction Of Strategic Planning Process

    DePauw’s strategic planning is organized through a three-part system (a Strategic Planning Steering Committee, a set of Thematic Working Groups, and a community-wide input process) that enables us to engage the entire community while also enabling us to work efficiently within the project timeline.

  • Fall 2020 - Community Feedback

    In Phase One, we sought broad community input focused on the following questions: 

    • How can we stay true to the Liberal Arts tradition and evolve to attract and meet the needs of the newest generation of students?
    • As compared to other colleges and universities, what do you see as DePauw’s current strengths and challenges?
    • What outside of the box ideas should be considered/what is your boldest idea for reimaging of DePauw?

    Collectively over 500 faculty, staff, students and alumni participated in a community conversation and/or submitted written feedback. 

  • November 2020 - Moving From Phase I To Phase II

    The establishment of Thematic Working Groups provided an opportunity to investigate more deeply ideas that emerged in Phase I. Each Thematic Working Groups has a specific charge in the form of key questions to answer. As part of their charge,Thematic Working Groups reviewed relevant data, including benchmarking information from other colleges and universities and relevant organizations, and connected with stakeholders.

  • Spring 2021 - Research & Focus Groups

    Conversations with all constituent groups continued throughout Spring Term culminated in a presentation including research by various working groups over the last eight months.

  • May 2021 - Preliminary Presentation to BOT

    At the conclusion of the May meeting, the Board unanimously endorsed the strategic direction outlined in the document with the following resolution: The Board agrees with and unanimously supports the current direction of the Cabinet's thinking regarding the strategic plan as presented by President White at the May thirteenth Board meeting and encourages the president to continue the collaborative process to develop the details of the plan to be considered more fully at the fall Board meeting.

  • Summer 2021 - Working Groups

    In collaboration with the Cabinet, the Strategic Planning Committee, Faculty Governance Staff Council and Administrative Council spent time over the summer, considered the myriad feedback received, and dove even more deeply into the ideas proposed. Small groups of representative faculty and staff further developed the ideas outlined in the Strategic Direction document into a formal strategic plan for affirmation by the community. Working groups included: Curricular enhancement and renewal; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Centers; Student Experience; and Flourishing Institution.

  • August 2021 - Present Summer Work

    During the Faculty and Staff Welcome Convocation on August 20, Dr. White presented proposals from the Summer working groups to the faculty and staff. 

  • October 2021- Fall Board Meeting

    The DePauw Board of Trustees received a full report out of the work to date.

  • Fall 2021 - Implementation Groups

    Small groups of representative faculty and staff were charged by the Board of Trustees to put together an Implementation Plan that includes tactical milestones, priorities and scheduled investments for each section of the approved strategic plan. This document, alongside a fundraising plan, will be delivered to the Board of Trustees in February 2022.