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Issues and Solutions

Description Explanation Solution
Buttons (or scroll bars or other objects) do not work at all. Clicking a button does nothing. All of the buttons (and other objects) in my workbooks are tied to macros. You must allow Excel to run these macros for the buttons to work. Set Excel's Security by following the instructions in the User Guide, and then reopen the workbook.

The add-in won't work. I get an error message like “Can’t find Project or Library” or “Programmatic Access Denied.”

Add-ins are special files that contain macros. In order to access them, Excel's security must be properly configured. Set Excel's Security by following the instructions in the User Guide, and then reinstall (uncheck and check) the add-in via the Add-in Manager. For add-ins, it is not enough to simply allow macros to run, you must be sure that Trust Access to Visual Basic projects is enabled.

I did set security correctly and I still get "Can't find project or library."

Your installation of Excel is missing a control. Remove the missing control, then run the code to install the add-in. 1) Click OK on the error message dialog box. You are now in Visual Basic. 2) Execute Tools: References and uncheck any controls that say MISSING. If References is dimmed, click on the CompStaticsWizard (CsWiz.xla) in the project (top left) window, then execute Tools: References. 3) Execute Run: Run Macro F5. The add-in should now install itself. 4) Execute File: Close and return to Microsoft Excel.

The Comp Statics add-in is in the Add-ins tab, but when I click it, I get an error that says, "Can't run CSWiz.xla"

Somehow, the macro that runs the CSWiz add-in has been broken or it was improperly installed. Use the Add-in Manager to uninstall (uncheck) the CSWiz add-in, close the Add-in Manager, then open it again and install (check) the CSWiz add-in.

How do I upgrade the CS Wiz add-in? I simply dragged the new add-in over the old one and now it won't work. I get cryptic error messages or Excel completely crashes.

CS Wiz creates a reference to Solver. Excel's Add-in Manager gets confused if you replace the add-in file without using the Add-in Manager. You must use the Add-in Manager to upgrade the add-in. See Installing Add-in Over Previous Version for detailed instructions. Here is the basic procedure: Use the Add-in Manager to uninstall (uncheck) CSWiz and Solver. Quit Excel. Use the Add-in Manager to install (check) Solver. Quit Excel. Use the Add-in Manager to install (check) the CS Wiz add-in.

I am using a non-English version of Excel and I can't install an add-in.

The add-in is not using the correct word for "Tools" in the Tools menu. Manually alter the code. See NonEnglishVersionError.doc for detailed instructions.

In Excel 2007, I can't see the Add-ins tab! So, I can't see the CSWiz add-in!

This happens sometimes in Excel 2007 when the Developer tab is not visible. Use the Add-in Manager to uninstall (uncheck) CSWiz. Then display the Developer tab (Office button-->Excel Options-->Popular--Check Show Developer tab in ribbon. Use the Add-in Manager to install (check) CSWiz.

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