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Technology Resources for Remote Learning, Teaching & Working

IT Resources for Remote Learning, Teaching and Working

Help for Students

Help For Faculty and Instructors

  • The FITS site on Remote and Mixed Instruction provides several recommendations and resources for teaching online:
    • Teaching Strategies and Technologies - Ideas for teaching strategies and technologies useful in an online learning environment
    • Considerations when Working with Remote International Students
    • Video Archives from previous FITS and Faculty Development workshops and presentations

Help for Staff

  • IT HelpDesk - Contact us at HelpDesk@depauw.edu or (765) 658-4294.


Cloud-Hosted Tools and Applications

When possible, you can work through cloud-hosted solutions that enable you to access your files and information from anywhere.

  • Google is a suite of communication and collaboration applications available at DePauw. The DePauw Google Account site provides information and resources including:
    • Gmail: Go to mail.depauw.edu to log into your email.
    • Drive: Provides several integrated collaboration tools (e.g., Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Shared Drives) for collaborative document editing and a robust search feature. Learn about Strategies and suggestions for file management.
    • Chat: Enables you to ask quick questions and collaborate in group chats.
  • Box: DePauw's default storage for work files provides secure access, management, and sharing of content from anywhere for students, staff, and faculty. Learn about Strategies and suggestions for file management.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online: Provides you with Microsoft Office tools (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) for creating and editing files when you don't have access to a computer with Office installed.


For an overview of the comparison between Google Meet and Zoom, see Videoconferencing Tool Comparison.

  • Zoom Basic - Is available for any student, faculty or staff member at no charge. Register for your own personal account at Zoom.com.


Use MetroNetGo to make and receive calls through your DePauw Office Phone Line using your laptop or cellphone.

Remotely manage your DePauw office phone settings and voicemail using Metronet's online CommPortal. It enables you to listen to phone messages, set up call forwarding, update your voicemail greeting, change your password and PIN, update your contact list, forward phone messages to your email, and more. Find more information at Phones: CommPortal.

  • Log in to the CommPortal at voice.depauw.edu using your 10-digit telephone number and 8-character password.

Accessing applications that require you to be on campus

If you use applications that require you to be on campus or directly connected to the DePauw campus network to access them, such as DePauw network drives (e.g., I: drive) or other on-campus computing resources, a Virtual Desktop is available at desktops.depauw.edu.


  • VMware Horizon HTML Access - Using a web browser

    Generally works well for most sessions. Session length is restricted to two hours. For security reasons, we recommend that you stay logged in only as long as necessary to complete the tasks.

  • VMware Horizon Local Desktop Client - Using a downloadable local client

    May be used for cases when very long sessions are needed (more than two hours). You may want to consider downloading and installing the desktop client to ensure optimal performance.

Information about using the Virtual Desktop is available in the Working Remotely section of our Learn About the Network site.


Many of DePauw's library resources are available online. Information for connecting to resources from off campus is available at Accessing Library Resources Remotely.

International Student Access to DePauw Google, e-Services, etc.

When having issues connecting to Google or other DePauw online resources for their courses, international students (including those living in China) can use DePauw’s Virtual Desktop.

Last updated: 17-Feb-2024