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Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 55 members nominated and selected to represent the more than 35,000 alumni living nationally and internationally.

The Office of Alumni Engagement oversees the Alumni Association and the Alumni Board of Directors and is responsible for carrying out all alumni-related activities.

The Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors are:

Class YearName and E-mail LinkCity 
1979 Donald M. Phelan     
Fishers, IN  
1996 Denise Castillo Dell Isola
Vice President
Chicago, IL  
1972 Thomas R. Schuck
Felicity, OH  
2004 Kelli Smith Davis
Indianapolis, IN  
1987 Jonathan C. Dill
Cincinnati, OH  
1970 Peter M. Donahower
San Mateo, CA  
1992 Kathlyn E. Fletcher
Milwaukee, WI  
1982 Melody Stevanovic Key
Tiburon, CA  
1989 J. Allan Arnold Harlan, IN  
1977 Charles E. Barbieri  Haslett, MI  
1985 Denzil P. Bennett II  Minneapolis, MN  
2004 David V. Blackburn Baltimore, MD  
1992 Joy Rowe Blang Terrace Park, OH  
2001 Michael E. Bogers  Fishers, IN  
1983 Barbara Pontius Bowman Woodstock, GA  
1984 Elizabeth Copher Browning Carmel, IN  
1972 James A. Campbell Bloomfield Hills, MI  
1982 John C. Cassidy Clarendon Hills, IL  
1999 Rebecca A. Cunningham Los Angeles, CA  
2015 Marjorie E. Daily Washington, DC  
2008 Brandon W. Delesline Newark, NJ  
2005 Kristina Amarantos DeYoung San Francisco, CA  
1978 Mary Jane Glover Dodds Piedmont, CA  
1984 Drew D. Dunlavy Fort Wayne, IN  
1975 Janet Crawford Evans Lexington, KY  
1968 Timothy S. Feemster Dallas, TX  
2000 Bradley R. Foss Saint Louis, MO  
2002 James R. Foster Cincinnati, OH  
1993 Donald M. Freeman Darien, CT  
1978 Jane Brazes Funke Indianapolis, IN  
1981 Carol Warner Golder Winnetka, IL  
1994 Sarah C. Gormley New York, NY  
2000 Jennifer Hetzel Hallman Burke, VA  
1999 Brian M. Hersh Sarasota, FL  
2009 Charles M. Kuykendoll New York, NY  
1985 Kathleen Galliher Locke Decatur, IL  
1965 Jeffrey E. Lortz Lake Mary, FL  
1986 James F. Meyer Chesterfield, MO  
1976 Ellen S. Miller Pawtucket, RI  
1964 Roger B. Nelsen  Portland, OR  
2009 Matthew D. Newill Denver, CO  
2000 Alexandra N. Perdew Los Angeles, CA  
2013 Tyler L. Perfitt Evansville, IN  
1984 Joseph H. Rohs Cincinnati, OH  
1999 Dustin J. Romine Houston, TX  
2003 Leslie N. Smith Chicago, IL  
1969 Tyler B. Somershield  Chagrin Falls, OH  
2007 Jason A. Spilbeler Indianapolis, IN  
2000 Brady C. Toliver Saint Louis, MO  
1969 James M. Tomsic Elyria, OH  
1982 Robert R. Torkelson Napa, CA  
1988 Michael J. Traylor Portland, OR  
2014 Mark R. Weiss Northbrook, IL