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About DePauw

About DePauw

A collection of driven, friendly students. Professors dedicated to teaching them. A stunning campus that brings people together again and again. Remarkable alumni. That's DePauw.

DePauw University is a nationally-recognized, leading liberal arts college in Greencastle, Indiana, dedicated to educating 2,300 students from across the country and around the globe.  Connected to the liberal arts college is one of the nation's first Schools of Music.  For more than 180 years, DePauw has created an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and social engagement that prepares students for lifelong success.  

Intellectual Challenge

Academics at DePauw push students to gain broad exposure to multiple disciplines before narrowing their focus. DePauw offers dozens of majors and minors, a handful of honors and fellows programs, and a set of experiential learning opportunities that challenge students within and beyond the classroom.  Read more about academics at DePauw.

Social Engagement

Building networks has never been more important than it is right now. At DePauw, students make connections through student-run clubs and organizations, NCAA Division III athletics and other sports, fraternities and sororities, and service organizations. Learn more about student life.

Stories of Success

DePauw alumni go on to careers in academia, medicine, law, music, finance, education and numerous other fields. They are surgeons, actors, legal advocates and environmental activists. DePauw takes pride in having given each one the confidence to take risks and the tools to realize their goals. Learn more about the DePauw graduates.