The DePauw School of Business and Leadership

In Fall of 2023, DePauw will become the only Top 50 national liberal arts university in the Midwest with a business school – and one of only four in the nation. Study business and leadership at a fully undergraduate, residential university already known for the extraordinary success of its graduates.

DePauw’s Unbeatable Business Formulary:

  • Experience is Everything

    From day one, students are immersed in experiences reserved for graduate students at larger universities. Anchored by the Sanger Leadership Initiative and the Prindle Institute for Ethics, DePauw experiential opportunities are unparalleled.
  • A Strong Foundation

    The liberal arts and sciences prepare well-rounded, intellectual leaders with exceptional interpersonal, creative, communication and problem-solving abilities. These “leadership arts” skills prepare you for your entire career.
  • Business IS Personal

    An 8-1 student-to-faculty ratio means professors prioritize mentoring and relationships. We know you here. And so do our alumni, who enthusiastically mentor and connect students with opportunities.


  • Actuarial Science

  • Business Analytics

  • Economics

  • Finance


  • Business Administration

  • Accounting and Finance for Decision-Making

  • Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • International Business

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Rhonesha Byng

DePauw took me out of my element. I thrived by utilizing my resources, asking for help, and communicating with people who had different perspectives. -Rhonesha Byng Founder and CEO, Her Agenda