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Come together to share faith and fellowship.

At DePauw, we are committed to providing an interconnected college experience for students of all religious beliefs and backgrounds. We are open and respectful, leading reform where required to ensure students can freely explore, practice and share their faith.

The Center for Spiritual Life provides opportunities for students of all faiths to explore interfaith civic engagement, increase religious literacy, find unity and comfort in times of need, and grow into expression of individual belief and practice.

Interfaith Engagement

Explore what it means to live in a religiously diverse community. Members of the Interfaith Council facilitate annual activities that connect and educate DePauw students about the diversity of religious traditions present on our campus, while encouraging the exploration of personal beliefs and values.

Interfaith Council

Faith-based Involvement

Join your peers in one of our faith-based, student-led organizations or events. Grow in spiritual community through the celebration of your religious tradition, deepening your religious knowledge, participating in faith based service, and connecting with local worship services of varying faiths and denominations.

Student Clubs and Groups

Places of Worship

Spiritual Care and Counseling

Our Spiritual Life staff includes ordained clergy and religious leaders who are available to meet with students for pastoral care, discernment and support. 

Spiritual Life Staff and Advisors