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Living on Campus

We live, learn and thrive together on a closely connected campus.

The strength of the campus community at DePauw lies in the conversations and connections made in residence with other curious, interested and energetic students. At DePauw, all students live on campus.

Students enjoy a wide range of housing options, including first-year residence halls, Greek-affiliated houses and upperclass housing for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Each residence allows for a unique, co-curricular and connective college experience.

  • Intentional Facilities: We design our campus and its facilities to be vibrant and conducive to building intellectual community, scholarship and social interaction among students, faculty and staff.
  • Cumulative Experiences: We provide a progressive residential experience, from the exploration of academic and social opportunities in a student’s first year, to engagement in the sophomore year, to experience and integration the junior and senior years.
  • Close Community: We live and learn together to discover more about who we are, our responsibilities and how we can add value to the lives of others. Connections usually begin within a student’s class year, academic program, residential unit and student groups, and progressively extend to the community of Greencastle and abroad. 
  • Strength in Diversity: Our diverse community and student groups encourage engagement with people of different personalities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, talents and convictions. We share a common goal of mutual respect and inclusivity.
  • Life-long Connections: Four years of shared experiences and participation in DePauw traditions build authentic relationships with peers, staff and faculty that extend far beyond a student’s first four years. Students stay plugged in and supported through our far-reaching, highly connected alumni network.