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Put Your Skills into Action.

At DePauw, students get out of their seats and into the real world to experience more fully what they learn in the classroom. Students work with the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement to complete internship workshops and connect with internship opportunities. Most DePauw students complete at least two internships by the end of their senior year. 

Internship Types

Internships can be part or full-time, paid or unpaid, local or overseas, and take place during any part of the year. Full-time internships take place during Winter Term, May Term, the summer and occasionally semesters, and can count for one Extended Studies Credit.

Summer Internships
The most common internship, students work with organizations of their choosing or apply for competitive internship programs offered by a wide variety of industries.

Short-term Internships
These are full-time, month-long internships that begin in January in a field of a student’s choosing. Prior to pursuing opportunities, participants are required to create a resume and establish goals centered on professional communication, organizational literacy and personal career development.

Semester Internships
Students can spend a semester in a high-quality, immersive learning experience. Students may secure an opportunity through DePauw’s off-campus study programs or design an independent experience when planned in advance and in collaboration with faculty and staff. Part-time, on-campus semester internships are also available through specific departments or in the local Putnam County Community.

International Internships
International internships allow students to live and work within a foreign culture. Students may apply to study abroad programs with internship components or secure an opportunity through DePauw connective alumni network, external formal internship programs or fee-based international internship programs.


Internships put your liberal arts education into action and develop valuable professional skills. Two or more internships allow you to explore specific fields to get a sense of your interests and career goals. Each experience enhances your resume, sharpens your skills and grows your professional network.

Jump Right In

Visit the Hubbard Center to discuss your opportunities, attend internship workshops and search current listings.

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