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DePauw School of Business and Leadership coming Fall '23

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Support and Resources

Honor Scholar & Fellows Programs

In these immersive programs, top-notch faculty and talented students dive deep into disciplines and work alongside industry leaders for a stimulating and transformative experience.

Study Abroad

We’re ranked highly in study abroad for a reason, with programs in 45 countries. Build lifelong connections and grow your passion through immersive learning.

Research Opportunities

There’s no need to wait until graduate school to take on hands-on research. Contribute to ongoing projects or seek answers of your own both in the science lab and across the humanities.


DePauw’s internship opportunities empower students to learn important job skills, explore career interests and grow their professional networks.

Academic Resources

Develop core skills in writing, speaking and reasoning to hone your critical thinking and communication. Work with a peer tutor, get group assistance or aid in presentation preparation.

Graduation Requirements

DePauw’s curricula are developed through departmental and interdisciplinary programs in the Asbury College of Liberal Arts and in the School of Music.