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Are you a DePauw student doing summer research? Email us, set up a research consult. w/a search-savvy librarian, reflib at depauw dot edu

12 days ago

WED 7/16, 4:15PM EST: OCLC systems seem to be back online.

13 days ago

WED 7/16, 4PM EST: OCLC systems experiencing access, response time problems (this includes the Lib Discovery search). Working to fix asap.

13 days ago

Questions/comments on new Discovery Search? Please tell us! But not via" Tell us what you think!" (lower rt corner). It goes to oclc, NOT us

18 days ago

Ask a librarian phone (4444) not working on campus. Please dial 765-658-4444.

21 days ago

Summer hours for DePauw Libraries: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, closed Sat/Sun. NOTE: We will be closed Friday July 4.

27 days ago

As of 12:01am 7/1/2014, WorldCat Discovery replaces the catalog/quicksearch/"find it" button. Questions? Please

28 days ago

Prevo SciLib: Celebrating WMS Discovery (new library system) with flowers from lib director Rick Provine @OCLC

28 days ago

July 1, 2014: DePauw Libraries goes live with Discovery Search! Have questions, comments, feedback? Email us: Reflib at depauw dot edu

28 days ago