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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creating a diverse and truly inclusive community calls on an entire campus to shape this journey.

"A resolute commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion made explicit to those whom we invite to join our community; we should not be afraid to publicly state these are aspirational values – that part of our learning environment is to figure out together what it means to study, work and live in a diverse, equitable and inclusive community." - Dr. Lori White


Community Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DePauw will become a more inclusive and equitable institution by ensuring all aspects of the student, employee and alumni experience fully align with our values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The principle of equity demands that no member of our community - student, faculty, staff, or alumni - is hindered in any way from participating fully in the University’s programs, services, and activities, and that the opportunities that DePauw creates are accessible to every member of the campus community. In order to advance its own culture and meet the needs of each new generation of students, DePauw must name, acknowledge, and change historical practices and experiences that have not been centered on equity and actively demonstrate how we support diversity, equity, and inclusion to effectively live our commitment to these values. In doing so, DePauw must engage all members of the community as contributors and participants, and as teachers and learners, to underscore the centrality of diversity, equity, and inclusion to the mission of the University.