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Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw

Creating a diverse and truly inclusive community calls on an entire campus --- students, faculty and staff at DePauw -- to shape this journey.

The DePauw University campus is a community with students, faculty, and staff from a vast array of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Students hail from more than 40 nations around the globe, with international students making up approximately 10% of the student body. Domestic students of color make up nearly 20% of the student body.  Multicultural faculty members make up approximately 19% of DePauw's faculty. 

The markers of a campus striving for inclusion, however, run deeper than the demographic data of those that call it home.  At DePauw, students, faculty, and staff are shaping dialogue centered in the belief that only by understanding and embracing those whose life experiences are different than one's own can a community truly meet its aspirations:

Being a student at DePauw University means being a part of a college community with a long and proud history in education, service and leadership. Students at DePauw are maturing adults who must learn, serve and lead in a diverse environment while preparing for future enterprises. As students we expect challenges from our professors and to meet those challenges with enthusiasm and dedication. As classmates we expect to learn from each other, respect our differences and celebrate our diversity. As citizens we expect to work for the betterment of our campus, our community, our nation and our world. Students commit themselves to these goals when they join our DePauw community.

(A "Statement of Community" Adopted by Student Congress, May 8, 1998)

Through campus resources, faculty governance and student-led conversation, DePauw University seeks to promote intercultural dialogue, respect, inclusion and community.

DePauw Dialogue

DePauw Dialogue is an annual campus-wide event for faculty, staff and students to examine individual roles in building a shared community. On this day, we expand the classroom to the entire campus to come together and consider concepts that often are not explored as an entire campus community, such as bias, difference, privilege, and identity.

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Inclusion Plan

DePauw aspires to provide a diverse and inclusive learning and living community that supports critical thinking and encourages all of its members to bring their own identities and life experiences to campus to engage actively, intentionally and respectfully with one another.

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