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Faces of DePauw

  • Drew Cosgray ’24

    Guaranteed Success

    Drew Cosgray ’24 | Student

    I came to DePauw for a Copeland Scholarship interview. I had never been on DePauw’s campus, but as soon…

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  • Sharon Crary

    Global Impact

    Sharon Crary | Faculty

    Professor Sharon Crary has studied the devastating effects of the Ebola virus for 15 years. Since the…

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  • Kyle Smitley ‘07

    Social Change Agent

    Kyle Smitley ‘07 | Alumni

    Kyle Smitley launched an organic children’s clothing line at age 23, just a year out of DePauw. Inspired…

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  • Andrea Sununu

    The Difference is in the Details

    Andrea Sununu | Faculty

    For 27 years I’ve taught literature at DePauw and welcomed the chance to serve not only as teacher but…

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  •  Troy Tien Nguyen ’23

    Giving Back

    Troy Tien Nguyen ’23 | Alumni

    For domestic students, going to college is a new and exciting thing. But for international students,…

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  •  Elisa Villanueva Beard ’98

    Business Executive

    Elisa Villanueva Beard ’98 | Alumni

    In 2015, Elisa became chief executive officer of Teach For America. Today, under her leadership, Teach…

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  • Sydney West ’24

    Branching Out

    Sydney West ’24 | Student

    I’ve always been fascinated by the ability to turn a string of seemingly meaningless words into a master-crafted…

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  •  Phyllis Ferrell ‘94

    Global Strategist

    Phyllis Ferrell ‘94 | Alumni

    During her 26-year career, Phyllis Ferrell has risen through Eli Lilly and Company’s ranks to lead the…

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  • Marwa Aarab ’26

    Enriching a Global Perspective

    Marwa Aarab ’26 | Student

    As an international student keen on medicine and research, I chose DePauw University after careful examination…

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  • Taylor Fleming ’24

    Leading with Purpose

    Taylor Fleming ’24 | Student

    In addition to the gorgeous campus, I chose DePauw because I wanted to go where people would see my potential…

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  • Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25

    An Affinity for Black and Gold

    Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25 | Student

    I come from a long line of black and gold. With our lineage coming directly from an original board of…

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  • Naima Shifa

    Building Connections

    Naima Shifa | Faculty

    The biggest part of my teaching is building connections with my students and creating a community in…

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  • Moises Rivera ’24

    Honoring Heritage

    Moises Rivera ’24 | Student

    My heritage impacts my daily life in almost every way, from the way I interact with people and how I…

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  • Layla Brown-Clark

    Making the Pitch

    Layla Brown-Clark | Alumni

    During an admitted student day, I fell in love with DePauw’s campus as a whole and DePauw’s media-rich…

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  • Mariam Lobjanidze

    Uncovering the Story

    Mariam Lobjanidze | Alumni

    I chose DePauw because of its rigorous academics, amazing opportunities to get experience in media and…

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  • Mahmoud Abouelkheir

    Embracing Community

    Mahmoud Abouelkheir | Alumni

    I felt hesitant about coming to DePauw because of its location in a rural part of Indiana. Growing up…

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  •  Sarah Rowley

    Fostering Personal Connections

    Sarah Rowley | Faculty

    What excites me about teaching? Everything! The magic that happens in the classroom is completely dependent…

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  • Ivan Villasboa

    Living with purpose

    Ivan Villasboa | Alumni

    While I was growing up in Argentina, I dreamed of becoming a big-city banker in the United States — the…

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  • Erin Pasch

    Committed to Community Service

    Erin Pasch | Alumni

    My time in the Bonner Scholar Program was the most meaningful experience I had at DePauw. I met a lot…

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  • Greg Schwipps

    Working Together

    Greg Schwipps | Faculty

    I am a DePauw professor but also a 1995 DePauw alumnus. I started my first-year at DePauw a would-be…

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  • Maddie Perry

    Taking a Stand

    Maddie Perry | Alumni

    Something I discovered about myself at DePauw was learning to confidently voice my thoughts and opinions…

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  • Quan Nguyen ’25

    Accepting Unanswered Questions

    Quan Nguyen ’25 | Student

    Throughout my journey at DePauw, there are many questions that I ask myself every day. Despite many classroom…

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  • Deepa Prakash

    Embracing Unpredictable Moments

    Deepa Prakash | Faculty

    What excites me about teaching is the opportunity to discuss and learn about the pressing issues that…

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  • Craig Paré

    A Collaborative Approach

    Craig Paré | Faculty

    I love that our students come to classes and rehearsals hungry to learn and, when challenged, respond…

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  • Matigan Williams ’24

    The Power of Networking

    Matigan Williams ’24 | Student

    This summer I am interning with a U.S. senator in Washington, D.C. This internship is a tremendous opportunity…

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  • Eric Schmidt

    Building Community with Music

    Eric Schmidt | Faculty

    As a relatively small institution we have the luxury to get to know every student and learn more about…

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  • Kate Pederson ’25

    Endless Opportunities

    Kate Pederson ’25 | Student

    I chose DePauw because of all the opportunities here. A few aspects that stuck out to me were the Management…

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  • Danielle Sommerman ’25

    Discovering Connections

    Danielle Sommerman ’25 | Student

    I chose DePauw because I wanted a school with a small student body where I could make personal connections…

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  • Leslie James

    Empowering Students

    Leslie James | Faculty

    Since I recognize that each student brings a unique dimension to the collective, it is problematic to…

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  • John Berry

    Innovative Artistry

    John Berry | Faculty

    Success and accomplishment flow from the challenging work done in the classroom and studio at DePauw…

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