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COMM 328

Topics in Conflict Communication

While refining students' analytical and critical skills, this course offers intensive examination of specific issues related to conflict and communication at interpersonal, social, and cultural levels. Possible topics may include environmental communication, alternative dispute resolution, civil rights and communication, and political communication. Repeatable for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Jennifer Adams

328A: Tps:Environmental Communication

In this class, we will explore the communication and conflict surrounding "the environment," with a focus on the social construction of nature and critical/cultural approaches to environmental discourse. Policies and practices related to the environment result not just from the facts from science alone, but often emerge from the influence of our social constructions about our "natural resources." We will consider the ways that wilderness and nature have been constructed in American culture, the public controversies that have developed surrounding the environment, the advocacy groups that advance various environmental causes, and the scientific and corporate discourse about the environment. We will also consider the role of media in the ongoing discourses about the environment.

Fall Semester information

David Worthington

328A: Tps:Rhetorics of hierarchy and Scapegoating in the United States: Race, Gender and Beyond

This course will focus on US history read across the documents, speeches, and literature that shaped American attitudes towards Race and Gender. Beginning with the introduction of permanent European settlements in North America (particularly John Winthrop's "City Upon A Hill" speech) and moving forward to the contemporary age students will investigate American rhetoric that has shaped attitudes towards race and gender. The class will ask students to understand the way hierarchy and scapegoating are rhetorically constructed.