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ENG 312

Creative Writing II: Poetry Topics

The course provides a particular focus on poetic forms or sub-genres of poetry. These might include dramatic monologue and extended poetic projects such as sequences in a particular form or voice. Effort is made to broaden students reading knowledge of poetry. Prerequisite: ENG 149.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
ENG 149 1 course

Spring Semester information

Ronald Dye

312A: Poetry Topics: Songwriting

In this class students study song form, type and genre; and compose lyrics based on traditional and popular music models. The course also explores the differences and similarities between song and poetry.

Marilyn Chin

312B: Poetry Writing: Topics: An Intercultural, Eclectic, Electric Poetry Reading and Writing Workshop

This is a rich poetry course that is designed to be half reading salon and half writing workshop. We shall cultivate a safe and open-minded class, in which we could celebrate a vibrant spectrum of "intercultural" styles and ideas as well as hone our own poetry-writing skills. Our schedule may include reading such great poets as Whitman, Ginsberg, Plath, Dickinson, Neruda, Basho, Issa, Du Fu, Etheridge Knight, Gwendolyn Brooks, Mirabai, Bessie Smith and more. We shall also study various forms and techniques including long-line and short-line free verse, haiku, renga, ghazals, blues poems, sonnets, rap and prose poems. Hopefully, our exciting reading and discussion sessions will inspire us to write our own vivid poems and variations.

Fall Semester information

Eugene Gloria

312A: Poetry Writing:Topics: Surrealism

This course will examine the influences of the surrealist movement in American poetry. We will read the works of contemporary poets employing surrealist poetic techniques in their poems. From them we will draw inspiration in writing our original works.