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Communication & Theatre

The art and science of sharing ideas.

Communication and theatre majors study the process by which messages are devised and disseminated. They consider the various stages in the communication process and analyze the contexts of communication, including rhetoric, interpersonal communication, media studies and theatre. As a crossroads discipline, communication is studied from the humanistic, artistic and social science perspectives. The curriculum is built around a framework that combines theory, criticism, practice and research. Theatre students combine a communication foundation with courses in acting, theatre production, design, theory and history. Rhetoric and interpersonal communication, media studies, and theatre are offered as minors. These fields prepare students for careers in corporate communication, public relations, personnel, advertising, marketing, law, television and radio, sales, public service and the performing arts.

Sample Courses:

Media, Culture and Society; Theatre Production and Design; Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; Intercultural Communication; Media Law; History of Theatrical Theory and Criticism

Media Fellows Program

Combining classes with hands-on experience, the Media Fellows Program trains students in the theory and practice of media.

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