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GEOS Field Project - Mapping the Subsurface using a GPR

November 14, 2014

The GEOS 380 Environmental Geophysics class braved single digit wind chills to map the subsurface features present at the north end of the DePauw intramural... Read More

GEOS Speaker - Deborah Dale

November 11, 2014

The Department of Geosciences hosted a talk on Tuesday, November 11 by Deborah Dale, Chief of the Program and Technology Support Branch of the Office of... Read More

GEOS News - Geoscience Summer Research Featured on DePauw Website

July 8, 2014

Prof. Jeanne Pope is working with Henry C. Binning '15 and Emma J. Cooper '15 on a research project this summer entitled “Investigating the Effect of Row-Crop... Read More

GEOS News - Prof. Fred Soster Appointed Department Chair

July 1, 2014

Professor of Geosciences Fred Soster begins his 32nd year of teaching at DePauw with a new title…Chair of the Department of Geosciences.  Fred takes over... Read More

GEOS May Term Field Trip - Two Billion Years of Earth History Along the Colorado River Corridor

May 24, 2014

Prof. Fred Soster and Prof. Jim Mills co-led a May Term field trip (May 24-June 10, 2014) to study features representing the two billion years of geologic... Read More

GEOS Field Trip - Geology of the Appalachian Mts, MD & WV

April 24, 2014

Prof. Fred Soster and Prof. Scott Wilkerson (along with Prof. Tim Cope) led a departmental field trip on April 24-27, 2014 to study classic outcrops in... Read More

GEOS News - Geoscience Majors Featured on DePauw Website

April 9, 2014

Mackenzie Cremeans '14 and Katherine Shover '14 were both recently featured on DePauw's website under the "New and Noteworthy" highlights.  Mackenzie (Environmental... Read More

GEOS News - Prof. Jim Mills Honored for Exemplary Teaching

April 7, 2014

Professor of Geosciences Jim Mills was one of this year's recipients of the Exemplary Teaching Award that is presented by the General Board of Higher Education... Read More

GEOS 220 Field Trip - Geology around Las Vegas, NV

March 22, 2014

Dr. Jim Mills led a Spring Break field trip for the GEOS 220 course to study the geology of various areas around Las Vegas, NV, including studying Basin... Read More

GEOS Speaker - Dr. John Steinmetz

February 20, 2014

The Department of Geosciences hosted two talks on Thursday, February 20 by Dr.John Steinmetz, Director and State Geologist, Indiana Geological Survey.... Read More