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Women's Studies Major

Requirements for an interdisciplinary major in Women's Studies MAJOR:

Ten courses to include:

All of the following:

WS 140 (Introduction to Women's Studies)

WS 340 (Feminist Theory)

WS 350 (Feminist Inquiry)

WS 440 (Senior Seminar)

At least one of the following:
WS250 (Queer Theory, Queer Lives)
WS260 (Women of Color in the U.S.)

The remaining courses, one of which must be at the 300-level, can be drawn from the following regularly offered courses and/or from the list of cross-listed electives approved by the Women’s Studies steering committee and announced each semester.

WS262 (Transnational Feminisms)
WS342 (Women, Health and Social Control)
WS362 (Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism)
WS355 (Women in Education)
WS332 (Women, Culture and Identity)

Students must also take at least 16 courses outside the list of women's studies courses. No more than two credits of off-campus study may be counted toward the major. Studying in an off-campus DePauw-sponsored or GLCA program such as the Comparative Women's Studies Program in Europe is encouraged for majors and minors. Appropriate courses from off campus may be applied toward the major upon approval by the Director of Women’s Studies.

For more information, please contact Anne Harris, :


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