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Talented faculty. Ambitious students. Put them on a picturesque campus in the heart of Indiana where they run into each other - a lot - and you get DePauw.

Scientists rub elbows with visual artists. Math wizards with lit scholars. History majors with digital age pioneers.  The combination of intellectual challenge and a wealth of social experiences prepare students for lifelong success. No liberal arts college does it better than DePauw. Welcome. 



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Are both the SAT and ACT required?

No, only one test is required for your application file however if
you take both tests we will review scores for both. We also super
score so the best scores are what we look at.


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How much does it cost to attend DePauw?

The 2013-14 direct cost to attend DePauw is $51,420.  This includes tuition, room & board, health service fee and student activity fee.  Visit the Tuition and Fees page for more information.


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Is a letter of recommendation from a high school counselor or teacher required to apply to DePauw?

We do not require a letter of recommendation but we do require the secondary school report. Many students will however send us letters of recommendation and we will keep them with your file. Letters of recommendation can be helpful so if you have them, send them in.


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What is Greek life like at DePauw?

Fraternity and sorority life at DePauw defies stereotypes.  Joining a Greek organization offers incredible opportunities to make connections, gain leadership experience and give back by supporting important causes.  It's an open system, known for being laid back and inclusive.  DePauw also has a late rush, so every first-year student can dedicate first semester to making new friends and adjusting to college-level course work.


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What is your favorite part about DePauw?

I LOVE this campus and the people on it.  DePauw embraces the "Midwestern hospitality" that so many people talk about.  We hold doors open for people, say hi to everyone as we pass them on campus, and generally smile.  It's a happy place to be, and there is a community feeling that I haven't felt on other campuses to the extent that it is at DePauw.  ~Current DePauw Student


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How easy is it to study abroad?

60% of DePauw students have at least one international experience, often lasting a semester or more.  Nearly 95% of students engage in off-campus coursework, internships or Winter Terms.  Studying abroad is a major component of the DePauw academic experience.  For more information, visit the Civic, Global & Professional Opportunity's Off-Campus Study page.


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What should I order when I go to Marvins?

Marvins is famous for its garlic cheeseburgers (we call them GCBs...), but it's also famous for delivering its GCBs at what seems like all hours of the night. Studying in the library at 11 PM? Marvins will deliver a burger to your study desk. For our students abroad, it's also become a bit of a tradition to snap photos with a "Marvins Delivers" sign in front of notable world landmarks. If you stop in at Marvins, you'll see photographs of Marvins "delivering" to locations all around the world, from the Great Wall of China to the waters of Cozumel. 


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Is there transportation to the Indianapolis airport?

Yes. At the beginning and end of official University breaks, Multicultural and International Life offers a shuttle service to and from the Indianapolis Airport (and upon request, the Indianapolis Bus/Train station and Megabus Stop).

Students who wish to use this shuttle are advised to consult the shuttle schedule prior to booking any airline reservations.  


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Is DePauw a safe campus?

I have never felt unsafe. We have Public Safety, Safe Ride, the blue lights, and (at least during freshman year) a team of RAs at our disposal. Besides those though, the students at DePauw are very respectful of each other and look out for one another. ~Current DePauw Student


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How are students notified of their admission decision?

Admission notifications will be sent in the mail.  Visit our Dates and Deadlines page for more information.


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What exactly is the boulder on campus?

The Columbian Boulder, known as "The Boulder," is located in front of East College. It was given to the University in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. Several alumni bought it from a farmer who charged visitors 10 cents to view the "petrified turtle" he had on his farm. It soon grew to be a favorite meeting place on campus for couples meeting for chapel dates and honorary societies holding initiation rituals.


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Do I have to be in the School of Music to join the orchestra?

Nope. Our ensembles often include students in the College of Liberal Arts and in the School of Music. Whether you're interested in large ensemble participation, individual music lessons, dance courses, the opera, or minors in music, there are a lot of ways to get involved. Check out our music page for even more information.  


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What exactly is campus golf?

Grab a tennis ball (rather than a golf ball) and a few friends. Then combine it with a real golf club (a seven iron usually works well) and with campus landmarks instead of actual holes. Then you'll have campus golf. Everyone tends to have their own course mapped out in their head, but whether the 18th "green" ends at East College or in Bowman Park, campus golf is a great way to spend a spring afternoon. 


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Is there a Physical Therapy program?

We don't have a specialized program for Physical Therapy. However, we do prepare students for for admission into professional programs in physical therapy. Students are identified as "Pre-PT" for advising purposes. Pre-physical therapy students can choose a major in any academic department (Biology, Kinesiology and Psychology are common choices) and then additionally take the prerequisite courses that are required by the physical therapy program for which the student plans to apply.  To learn more about these prerequisites and the requirements to get into physical therapy programs, please check this link.

-Matthew Eifert

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What are the academic requirements for DePauw? (GPA, ACT and SAT scores)
We employ a holistic application review. To answer your question the middle 50% are as follows: 
GPA (Middle 50% is 3.45 - 3.98)
ACT scores (Middle 50% is 25-30) 
SAT scores (1600 - 1950)

We also want to see that you are involved and passionate about something, have a well written essay and an interest in DePauw.

-Seth Youngson

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Where can I find the Certification of Finances, how should I send it ?

The Certification of Finances form is located in International Additional Forms section, below the Required Materials Checklist.  Click here for a direct link to the form.  All required application materials should be mailed to:

DePauw University
Office of Admission
101 E. Seminary St.
Greencastle, IN 46135-0037

-Sabrina Ludovic de Lys

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When are applications due for Management Fellows?

Applications to DePauw's Honors and Fellows programs are due on February 1st. You can learn more about all of our Honors and Fellows programs over at our academic page.


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Are there programs that specifically recruit underrepresented students for admission?

DePauw works with various local and national community-based organizations to reach high-achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds. These organizations include Posse, Chicago Scholars, Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA), The Opportunity Network, Center for Leadership Development, and many more.

-Alba lane

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I am a Chinese freshman applicant. I want to send my application materials by DHL. Could you please tell me your mailing address instead of the Thanks very much.

You can send all application materials to:

DePauw University 
Office of Admission
204 East Seminary St.
Greencastle, IN 46135 

-Tian Weihao

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When will the decision be made for applicants on whether they are accepted or not?

This depends on a variety of factors including when you submitted your application and which deadline you applied under.  For a complete list of dates, follow this link.


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I think I want to go into journalism. Would DePauw be a good fit for me?

We definitely think so. Our Media Fellows program combines a liberal arts education with the practice and analysis of the media, and whether you're interested in writing for The DePauw, or broadcasting with WGRE or D3TV, there are ample opportunities for student journalists. 


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How does the campus notify parents in emergencies (i.e. the ice storm, extreme events on campus)?

Emergency notifications are for those most at risk from an emergency.  We will communicate with parents via email and the website as quickly as possible if an emergency exists.  For more information on our Emergency Notification procedures click here.


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I am an international student applying as a first year student. Do I have to send in the Certificaiton of Finances document before the admission deadline (Feburuary 1) or is the deadline the same as other financial aid documents? Thank you.

The Certification of Finances is a required application part for the admission file and must be received on or before the February 1st deadline.

-Lisa Kanai