Music Admission Process

1. Submit all materials for admission to DePauw University.

Click here for the complete list of required materials.

2. Reserve audition date online.

Upon submission of your application to DePauw, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your audition.  While students don't have to be admitted prior to reserving audition dates for the School of Music, we recommend that prospective students apply Early Action to the College of Liberal Arts to ensure plenty of time to schedule auditions.

3. Complete Audition.

Note: The student's academic credentials will be reviewed before the audition occurs. Most music applicants will receive an admission decision from the College of Liberal Arts prior to auditioning for the School of Music. Applicants who demonstrate severe academic weaknesses may not be able to participate in the audition process. Applicants should check with Patrick Evans before making final audition travel plans.

4. Music Admission decisions will be sent approximately three weeks after the audition.

5. Students wishing to be considered for need-based financial aid should follow the instructions for prospective students by the February 1 deadline.


Note: All admitted music students are automatically considered for a merit (academic) scholarship and a music scholarship.  Merit scholarship information will be sent soon after the admit letter. Music scholarship decisions will be made at the end of March (after all auditions have been completed).