We are committed to working with you to find the best combination of options for funding your four years at DePauw.

Types of Aid

depauw scholarship PROGRAMS

A variety of factors are considered when awarding merit including GPA, test scores, community service, leadership and strength of your high school curriculum.  


Merit scholarships are gift aid that is awarded at the time of admission based on GPA, test scores and high school quality.  There is no application required for an academic merit award. 

edward g. rector scholarship

The Rector Scholarship is DePauw's oldest and most prestigious academic award. Students are awarded this scholarship based on excellent academic achievement. Rector Scholars are the highest academically qualified students in the applicant pool, typically the top five percent. To be invited to apply for the Rector Scholarship you must first be nominated by a high school counselor or teacher. The nomination deadline is January 15.

Click here for the the Rector Nomination Form

holton memorial scholarships

Holton Scholars are selected based on their outstanding leadership characteristics and their commitment to community service. Holton scholars are dedicated whether it be in service, civic engagement, leadership or even caring for a family member. Applicants need to complete an application.
There are three due dates:
November 15, 2016
January 2, 2017
February 15, 2017
Deadlines are not tied to any application type so you can apply at any time no matter when you apply to DePauw.

Click here for the Holton Scholarship application

achievement based scholarships

We partnered with Raise.me to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your everyday achievements and allow you to start earning scholarships from DePauw as early as 9th grade. You can earn up to $56,000 in micro-scholarships, which will be part of your DePauw financial aid award. You must apply to DePauw by December 1.


Twenty Bonner Scholars are selected each year based on their commitment to serve during their high school careers and who have a demonstrated financial need.  Students are required to submit a separate application to be considered for the Bonner Scholar Program. Accepted students receive a need-based financial aid award with limited loans that meets their demonstrated financial need.  In addition, students receive extensive training in return for their commitment to the four-year program.  

Click here for the Bonner Scholar application.

Need-Based Aid

Federal and state grants are awarded based on your family’s demonstrated financial need. Grants are awards that do not have to be repaid.  DePauw's generous endowment also provides institutional grant assistance to students who demonstrate financial need.  You must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal and state grants.  The DePauw Application for Financial Aid  is required to determine eligibility for DePauw need-based grants.



We believe that loans can be a good option in helping finance your education; however, you should never borrow more than you need. There are a variety of loans to help fund your DePauw education. The two primary federal loans are Direct Stafford Loans and the Perkins Loan. These loans are all administered through our office. You must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal loans.


The federal work-study program provides you further financial assistance through part-time campus employment. You must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for work-study

Outside Scholarships

We encourage you to explore scholarships provided by civic and private organizations and foundations. The best resources for finding these opportunities are your high school guidance counselors or the following links:
College Board
My College Dollars
Scholarship Experts

Payment Plans

The Payment Plan allows you to pay for tuition, housing and meals in installments throughout the semester. The DePauw payment plan, referred to as 'My Payment Plan' (MPP for short), is setup online through CASHNet, DePauw's online billing and payment system.