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Autman, Samuel A., MFA




Personal Website
English, East College, Room 314
Greencastle, IN


Associate Professor of English

Samuel Autman specializes in the personal essay and journalism. His essay “A Dash of Pepper in the Snow” won the Tara Masih Intercultural Essay contest sponsored by the Soul Making Literary Competition in San Francisco and appears in The Chalk Circle: Prizewinning Intercultural Essays anthology.   “A Walk Through the Neighborhood,” which is excerpted from Sanctified: A Memoir and has been adapted into "A Long Walk," a short film and may be viewed at  Autman's other writings have been printed in   Under the Gum Tree, Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction,  The Huffington Post, Postcard Memoirs, I'm Black and I Travel and The St. Louis Beacon.