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Rahman, Smita A., Ph.D.




Political Science, Asbury Hall, Room 104
Greencastle, IN

Political Science 

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Professor Rahman received her Ph.D in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University. She works at the intersection of Contemporary and Comparative political theory. In particular, she is interested in exploring how foundational concepts in political theory rupture and become contested in a globalized world of difference. She is currently working on a book project entitled, ¿The Politics of Temporality¿, that examines the role of time and memory in our understanding of contemporary politics. She is also conducting research in the area of Muslim Political Thought, focusing on the debates around secularism and modernity in Political Islam. Her articles and reviews have appeared in Contemporary Political Theory, Theory and Event, and the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture. She teaches courses in Modern, Contemporary, and Muslim Political Thought.