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Barros, Sandro R., Ph.D.




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Modern Languages, East College, Room 214
Greencastle, IN

Modern Languages 

Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese)

I joined the Department of Modern Languages at DePauw University in 2008. Before that, I spend 10 years in universities in the United States and Brazil. I contribute with DePauw's curriculum by teaching courses in the areas of Second Language Literacy (Spanish and Portuguese), Literary and Cultural Studies and Language Policy in education. I work at the intersection of particular fields within the broader Langauge Studies, in particularCritical Applied Linguistics, Literary Studies and Sociology of Second Language Education and Curriculum. I am particular interested in how the disciplinary study of languages and literatures shapes individuals' perceptions of self-identification and otherness in relationship to public ideas of citizenship, and how these ideas, or ideologies, connect with policy and welfare of linguistic minorities. When I am not thinking about these issues, whether through my teaching duties, writing or activist work in public schools in the U.S. and abroad, I love to spend time with my awesome family: my composer wife Alexis Bacon ( and our two children, Ignacio and Isla.