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Sununu, Andrea E., Ph.D.




English, Asbury Hall, Room 120
Greencastle, IN


Professor of English

Andrea Sununu has degrees from Mount Holyoke and Brown. Having taught at Mount Holyoke, Swarthmore, Oberlin, and the University of New Hampshire, she arrived at DePauw in 1990. She teaches introductory courses and Early Modern Subjects, including Shakespeare and Milton.  Her most recent senior seminar, "Subverters and Self-fashioners: Revisiting Shakespeare's Sisters Nearly a Century After Woolf," grew out of her research on Katherine Philips (1632-64), whose works she is co-editing. She has directed 12 Honor Scholar senior theses, served on the examining committees of 34 others, and has taught a first-year seminar in the program 15 times. She received an award for Exemplary Teaching in 1993, an inaugural Distinguished Professorship in 1999, and a Tucker Distinguished Career Award in 2005.