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Net Price Calculator

The net price calculator provides an estimate of your expected costs and financial aid eligibility.

This tool has been designed based on DePauw-specific financial aid policies.  It does not take into consideration special scholarship opportunities nor does it consider special talent-based awards in the School of Music.  It is not a guarantee on the amount of funding available but is a guide for what the average student with a particular profile (based on need and academics) might receive.

Who should use the net price calculator?

This tool is designed for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are prospective students.

Please remember that the net price calculator results are designed to provide families with an estimate. The Financial Aid Office is the final authority on financial aid eligibility. The estimated results you obtain are confidential and are NOT available to the Financial Aid Office. If you have questions about the estimate produced by the net price calculator, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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