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The Rector Scholarship

DePauw’s oldest and preeminent merit academic scholarship.

Since its beginning in 1919 over four thousand graduates have earned Rectors, and many are among DePauw’s most distinguished and honored alumni. They are the return on how Edward Rector, himself, described his gifts to the University. They were “investments in humanity, in the men and women who are to carry on the work of our country and the world when you and I are gone.”

2016 Selection Process

Rector candidates must submit a separate application by February 1 to be considered for the Rector Scholarship.  Once applications are reviewed, candidates will be selected and invited to an on-campus event where they will interview with faculty and administrators. Candidates will be selected based on their superior academic achievement in all areas, the rigor of the curriculum they have pursued and the participation/commitment of non-academic pursuits. Outcomes from these interviews will be provided to the DePauw University President who, in turn, announces final selections for Rector Scholars in mid-March.


 Please visit the Rector Scholarship website to learn more about this scholarship and its history.