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Faces of DePauw

Christian Rivera Alumni

DePauw has shown me how to stand with individuals from all types of backgrounds and lead in diverse settings.

Confidence In Leadership

I came to DePauw as a Posse Scholar from an inner-city high school, already credited for my leadership and academic potential. However, what DePauw offered me were opportunities to work with people from different backgrounds in diverse settings. For the first time, I had to lead by leaning not only on my own experiences but also on the experiences of others who brought their own cultural contexts to the table. When you are stretched in this way as a leader, you learn how to be stronger and more comfortable in your own skin, while better acknowledging others for who they uniquely are.

I can honestly say I lead people better now than I did before I arrived here. There is ample opportunity to practice – starting in the classroom where students engage deeply in course material and ask hard questions of it and each other. In my Greek affiliations, I serve large communities and projects as a president, PR chair and Keeper of Records. Involving yourself on campus ensures you make the most of not only your education, but your interpersonal experiences as well.