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Faces of DePauw

Julia Bork Alumni

I chose DePauw because I saw the opportunity to become the very best version of myself.

Making Connections

I chose DePauw because I saw the opportunity to become the very best version of myself. You step on campus and you have this inexplicable feeling of home and no other school ever felt the same way. Whether it was in the classroom, on the field or being a part of different organizations/clubs, DePauw was going to allow me to learn and grow in all facets of my life. As a prospective student, the passion that alums and current students expressed created so much hope and excitement for my future. I knew that I wanted a well-rounded college experience. I chose DePauw because I was confident that it could provide that and a whole lot more. 

My DePauw experience is one that I am truly grateful for. I think your journey on campus is what you and you alone decide to make of it. There are countless ways to become involved and make an impact around you. I have had the opportunity to be a part of so many things that would not have been a reality at a larger campus. Being an athlete, a part of Greek life and a participant involved in so many additional parts of campus have made me a better and more capable person. I knew that all these things were a possibility as I entered my freshman year but you never fully understand the magnitude until you are immersed in it. 

Being a student athlete at DePauw is an incredible experience because you feel so connected with your team and the other athletes around you. Being at a small school, you become each other’s biggest fans. You go to so many athletic events because many of your closest friends are athletes. I really don’t think I could have gotten a more competitive and wholesome experience. I get to experience the intensity of playing a collegiate sport while having the tools to be a successful student. My coaches care about my goals as a person, not just an athlete, and they want to prepare me for who I am going to be after my time at DePauw is over. I feel very lucky. 

I plan to find a full-time job in the Midwest following graduation. Chicago is my home and I would love to return there. I hope to be a part of a young, dynamic company or organization that allows me to utilize all that I’ve learned at DePauw. Right now I am specifically interested in sales, marketing and HR, but who knows what the future will hold! 

There are obvious resources like the Hubbard Center and career fairs that will help me accomplish my post-graduation goals. I took a class called “How to be your own career expert” my freshman year that helped me create a resume, LinkedIn profile and practice interview scenarios that have definitely helped me. However, DePauw has given me the most resources through the multitude of experiences that I’ve had. This ranges from traveling to Australia over winter term, hosting a radio show with my brother and being a student-athlete. The go-getter attitude that DePauw instills has and will be the most important tool.