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Faces of DePauw

Maddie Perry Alumni

At DePauw, I discovered a sense of confidence that comes with upholding what you believe in.

Taking a Stand

Something I discovered about myself at DePauw was learning to confidently voice my thoughts and opinions and defend the things that matter to me. When I came to DePauw, I was excited for the opportunity to have conversations that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. 

My decision to pursue a liberal arts education encouraged me to think about things through various lenses. I am a passionate learner, and my time at DePauw provided me the opportunity to gain confidence in voicing what I was passionate about, both in and out of the classroom.

During my junior year, I took the Honor Scholar seminar, evolution and human nature, with Professor Kevin Moore. This class challenged me to look at situations from various disciplinary angles and further develop educated opinions, enabling me to take a stand on my beliefs. The course influenced my choice to complete my Honor Scholar senior thesis on a topic I would have never had the courage to pursue: ‘Synthetic or Not: Implications of Hormonal Birth Control on Women’s Hormones and the Cortisol Stress Response.’ 

Also during my junior year, Professor Nipun Chopra taught a brains and diseases course, which is a biochemical aspect of neurodegenerative disease. It was one of the best classes I took at DePauw. 

During my senior year, I wrote my neuroscience thesis, and Professor Chopra was one of my sponsors. We met every Thursday during the fall semester. He would make a pot of tea, and we would have tea and talk about my thesis. He was a huge influence in my academic development and career development and gave me the confidence to believe in the work that I’m able to produce. 

Hometown: Franklin, Vermont
Majors: Neuroscience and Biochemistry
Involvement: Honor Scholar Program, Women's Cross Country and Track and Field, Alpha Phi, Admissions Ambassador, Presidential Ambassador, Biochemistry Research, Future Medical Professionals (FUMP), WGRE
Post-graduation: Attending graduate school at Northwestern University to study reproductive science and medicine.