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Faces of DePauw

Mariam Lobjanidze Alumni

As a student journalist, I am the first one to hear and report on news on campus and in the Greencastle community.

Uncovering the Story

I chose DePauw because of its rigorous academics, amazing opportunities to get experience in media, and a supportive tight-knit community. I wanted to be in an environment that would challenge me in meaningful ways and push me to strive for excellence. DePauw definitely lived up to my expectations, and I appreciate the opportunity to be surrounded by driven and passionate people who have helped me thrive.

My most meaningful experience so far has been being the managing editor of The DePauw. Through my involvement in the newspaper, I have landed multiple internships and fellowships in journalism and met supportive mentors that have set me up for success. In addition, I have been able to cover prevalent issues on campus and stay on the side of the truth. Being on the editorial board of the oldest college newspaper in Indiana and making a difference through my articles have definitely impacted my college career in a positive way.

DePauw truly is an institution that cares about its students and I’d highly recommend students take advantage of the opportunities and connections that the university and PCCM programs offer. 

Major: English Writing
Hometown: Tbilisi, Georgia and Brooklyn, New York
Campus Involvement: Managing Editor of The DePauw, Assistant News Director at WGRE, Bonner Scholar
Future plans: Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in Fall ‘23