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Learn by doing from day one as you explore a future in biology. While biology encompasses many fields – such as conservation, genetics, microbiology, physiology and more – you will benefit from a collaborative, hands-on approach led by master faculty who are eager to help you answer life’s biggest questions through meaningful, high-level research. Study microbes, genes and molecules in health and disease using cancer cells and model organisms ranging from yeast to zebrafish; carry out organismal, field and environmental research projects; and co-author research publications that will shape the scientific community for years to come. Our outstanding resources include the 520-acre DePauw Nature Park, greenhouses, animal facilities, cell culture and molecular biology labs and the Buehler Biomedical Imaging Center.

Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25

I am in the right place. I'm home.-Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25


in the field

Internships students have participated in:

  • Harvard Medical School


  • Washington University in St. Louis

  • Eli Lilly

Graduate Programs

Graduate schools students have attended:

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Mayo Clinic

  • Indiana University Purdue University

  • Washington University in St. Louis

  • Indiana University School of Medicine

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • University of Notre Dame

  • University of Cincinnati

  • University of Chicago

student conduction biology research in a lab

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  • Philips Akinwole, Ph.D., University of Alabama. Research interests: microbial ecology and urban ecology.
  • Lynn Bedard, Ph.D., University of Virginia. Research interests: microbiology and molecular biology.
  • J.H. Benedix Jr., Ph.D., Kansas State University. Research interests: ecology, behavior and evolution.
  • Nipun Chopra, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine. Research interests: identifying microRNA that are implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.
  • Dana Dudle, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: plant evolution and ecology, conservation biology, and science education.
  • Rose Keith, Ph.D., Duke University. Research interests: Evolutionary genetics of plant chemical defenses and other complex traits, and responses of populations to natural selection.
  • Kevin Kinney, Ph.D. , University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Research interests: neuroimmunology and comparative immunology.
  • Sarah Mordan-McCombs, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame. Research interests: oxidative stress in S. cerevisiae, and novel compounds for treatment of breast and prostate cancer.
  • Henning Schneider, Ph.D., University of Konstanz. Research interests: neuroscience, mechanisms of drug dependence, gene-editing, and drug discovery.
  • Janet Vaglia, Ph.D., Dalhousie University. Research interest: developmental biology.