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Center for Diversity and Inclusion Student Affiliated Organizations

CDI Affiliated Organizations

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion provides targeted support, advocacy, and resources to domestic students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, DACA students, an International Students. We also provide support to the broader campus in the form of programming, trainings, and presentations. Students who are actively involved in our CDI affiliated organizations experience student identity development, empowerment, self advocacy, and a cultural awareness and competence that focuses on historically underrepresented populations at DePauw University.


Organization Title


Association of African American Students (AAAS)

Promotes community and empowerment for African-American students to explore their identities.



Association of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American Club (APIDAC)

Celebrates and further explores the the experiences of Asian Americans, Pacific Islander Americans and Desi Americans.



African Students Association (ASA)

Educates peers on the social, political, and cultural issues of the continent of Africa



Association of Students Interested in Asia (ASIA Club)

Celebrates Asian culture and promotes an understanding of Asian cultures.



Strengthens bonds between men of color and increases cultural, personal, and professional competencies.


Caribbean Students Association 

Empowers individuals from Caribbean backgrounds and the Diaspora.


Committee for Latino Concerns 

Invites all students to explore Latino/a/x culture and community.


Define American-DePauw Chapter

Provides resources and networks to advance immigration justice in the United States.

Currently inactive. Please contact CDI@depauw.edu if you are interested in bringing this org back on campus.

DePauw China Connection 

Builds bridges between China and DePauw.


DePauw First 

Creates community for first-generation college students.


Elite Precizion

A step and stroll team that educates and celebrate the African roots to the art and performance.

Currently inactive. Please contact CDI@depauw.edu if you are interested in bringing this org back on campus.


Founded upon the principle that women's rights are human rights.


House of Opulence


International Student Association (ISA)

Increases cross-cultural awareness and bridges the domestic and international divide.


Japanese Club (J Club)

Celebrates Japanese culture and traditions.


Ladies and Allies for Cross-Cultural Education (LACE)

Acts as a catalyst for cross-cultural discussion.


La Fuerza Latina Latin Dance Group

Teaches and performs Latin-based dance.


South Asian Student Society (SASS)

Celebrates South Asian culture and traditions.


Vietnamese Student Association

Celebrates Vietnamese culture and traditions.



X-Cell Dance Team

Promotes excellence through dance and self-expression.