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The change-driven study of life in all its forms.

Like biology students everywhere, DePauw students are engaged in the study of living things. But unlike many other undergraduate institutions, DePauw gives even its first-year students access to modern biological research laboratories and cutting-edge equipment and the opportunity to work closely on research with highly accomplished faculty members. Students’ options range from ecological field work in the 520-acre DePauw Nature Park to state-of-the-art microscopy in the new Buehler Biomedical Imaging Center.

Graduate & Career


Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North Dakota State University, University of Illinois, University of South Florida, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Biochemist/biophysicist, College professor, Laboratory technician/research assistant, Microbiologist, Nurse, Occupational health and safety specialist, Pharmaceutical sales representative, Physician, Research scientist, Teacher, Zoologist/wildlife biologist

Student Profile


Stephen graduated magna cum laude with a degree in biology. During his four years at DePauw, he spent a summer on campus conducting research about frog behavior and had three off-campus research experiences: one at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, one in Turks and Caicos Islands and one at the South Carolina Marine Resources Center. Stephen went on to study marine ecology at the University of South Florida, where he received a master’s degree in biology in 2016 and now is working toward a Ph.D. in integrative biology. He specializes in near- shore ecology, studying the relationship between oyster reefs and mangrove habitat on the west coast of Florida.


Philips Akinwole, Ph.D., University of Alabama. Research interests: microbial ecology, urban ecology.

Lynn Bedard, Ph.D., University of Virginia. Research interests: microbiology, molecular biology.

J.H. Benedix Jr., Ph.D., Kansas State University. Research interests: ecology, behavior, evolution.

Nipun Chopra, Ph.D., Indiana University school of Medicine. Research interests: identifying microRNA that are implicated in Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury.

Dana Dudle, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: plant evolution and ecology, conservation biology, science education.

Rose Keith, Ph.D., Duke University. Research interests: Evolutionary genetics of plant chemical defenses and other complex traits, responses of populations to natural selection.

Kevin Kinney, Ph.D., University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Research interests: neuroimmunology, comparative immunology.

Sarah Mordan-McCombs, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame. Research interests: Oxidative Stress in S. cerevisiae. Novel Compounds for Treatment of Breast and Prostate Cancer.

Henning Schneider, Ph.D., University of Konstanz. Research interests: drug discovery, mechanisms of drug dependence.

Janet Vaglia, Ph.D., Dalhousie University. Research interest: developmental biology.

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