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The art and science of sharing ideas in fresh and creative ways.

Play a leading role in the world of communications, turning its conversations into actions that foster positive and creative contribution. As a communications and theatre student, you will understand the various roles and stages of the communication process, from perspectives in the humanities, social science and the arts. Critique messaging and practices and innovate through research in the contexts of rhetoric, interpersonal communications, media and theatre.

Communication and theatre students regularly choose to apply ideas and concepts in fresh and creative ways in related co-curricular activities, such as DePauw Debate, DePauw Theatre and student mass media through the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media.

Sample Courses

  • Acting
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • Theatre Production and Design
  • Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Media Law
  • History of Theatrical Theory and Criticism
  • Voice and Movement
  • Intercultural communication
  • Writing for Stage, Screen and TV

Career Options

  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Personnel
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Electronic Media
  • Journalism
  • Sales
  • Public Service
  • Performing Arts

Take your communication education to the next level through additional hands-on studio experience, off-campus media internships and a robust speakers series that brings students face-to-face with field professionals.

Majors and Minors