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Students who major in Hispanic Studies acquire critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills by learning the Spanish language and engaging with Spanish- speaking cultures.

Students will be able to understand and communicate in Spanish by attaining proficiency in four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. These valuable skills can prepare majors to join the workplace with the expertise of a language that is widely spoken in the world.



Melinda was a Spanish and physics double major who spent a summer in Madrid, where she conducted archival research on the Inquisition.

Her work there, supported by a student-faculty summer research grant and a grant from the Asher Fund in
the Humanities, inspired her to pursue a doctorate in Spanish literature at the University of California, Irvine.

At DePauw, she minored in world literature and computer science, played on the women’s basketball team and was named to the NCAC honor roll. She also participated in the Bob Hershberger Servicio en las Américas, a program for first-year students interested
in social justice, international curiosity, intellectual challenges and the Spanish language, and later served as a student leader and graduate assistant for the program.



Educational Programs Abroad, Mexican Embassy in Chicago, Immigration Law Firm, CAIT Idiomas, DePauw Servicio program leader, Greencastle Middle School World, Languages Program


State Department professional, Professor/teacher, Translator/interpreter, Consultant, Lawyer, Health care professional


Ariel Zach, Ph.D., Georgetown University. Her research interests are linguistics, bilingualism, language acquisition, sociolinguistics and Spanish speakers in the United States. Zach received the Student-Faculty Summer Research Grant in 2019.

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