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An analysis of past complexities for a more comprehensible and purposeful present.

Explore the complexities of people and societies in the past to make the present more comprehensible. As a history major, you will thread your way through the humanities and social sciences across time and events to examine diverse societal values, challenges and their conclusions. Follow your curiosity and find your purpose with one-on-one interaction with historians and history makers, film and documentary studies, surveys of historic sites and internships. Our students engage in introductory and advanced study across the United States and overseas in Africa, East Asia, Europe and Latin America. 

Sample Courses

  • United States in the Sixties
  • Modern Middle East
  • France from Charlemagne to Napoleon
  • Ethnicity and Conflict in South Africa
  • History of Mexico
  • Women and Family in Modern China
  • History of Science
  • History Beyond the Classroom 

Career Options

  • Graduate Programs
  • Logician
  • Speaker
  • Researcher
  • Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Social Service
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Museum Curation 

Unleash your spirit of discovery through history.

Majors and Minors