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Interpreting the past to comprehend the present and prepare for the future.

DePauw University’s History Department investigates the diversity of human experience to make sense of our complex world. By exploring the complexities of peoples and societies in the past, the present becomes more comprehensible.

Career & Courses


Law, Advertising, Teaching, Consulting, Government and politics, Business, Museums, Public policy, Finance


The Witchcraze in Early Modern Europe, Modern Middle East, Modern Africa, British Empire, The Age of Louis XIV, History of the Black Atlantic, Europe of Dictators, The Holocaust, Modern China and Japan, The Vikings, U.S. Women’s History, The Enlightenment, U.S. in the Seventies



Kortney Cartwright ’14 majored in history at DePauw, where he played varsity football; served as a resident assistant; and worked as an emergency medical technician. Kortney was named to the Phi Alpha Theta history honorary society and the dean’s list and was awarded a Wallace Carson Scholarship. Kortney works in Minneapolis as a district branch manager for BCforward, a minority-owned business solution and staffing firm. He was elected as a young alumni member of the DePauw Board of Trustees.


Graduate & Awards


Harvard University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, Pepperdine University, Princeton University, University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania


Ford Foundation fellowship, Teach For America appointments, History Scholar Award from Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Ferid Murad Medal

Examples of Internships

Indiana Legal Services, Indiana Historical Society, Hoover Institution, CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center and Putnam County Museum.


Julia Brüggemann, Ph.D., Georgetown University. Focuses on modern Germany; gender, sexuality and race; and migration. Awarded George and Virginia Crane Distinguished Teaching Award in 2012.

Robert Dewey, D.Phil., University of Oxford. Focuses on Britain, British Empire and Pacific Islands. Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Historical consultant to the Fiji Rugby Union.

Nahyan Fancy, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame. Focuses on pre-modern Middle East and History of Science and Medicine. Member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University in 2015. Historical consultant to a forthcoming Smithsonian traveling exhibition on healing culture in Islamic societies.

David Gellman, Ph.D., Northwestern University. Studies colonial North America, the Revolutionary era, and the 19th century U.S., with an emphasis on slavery and abolition; has written/co-written three books on those topics; has taught courses about pirates, Chicago, and Bruce Springsteen.

Joshua Herr, Ph.D., UCLA. Studies China, with a particular emphasis on frontiers and borderlands.

Aldrin Magaya, Ph.D., University of Iowa. Teaching: Modern African History, Black Atlantic, Pirates of the Indian Ocean, and Understanding Health and Disease in Africa Research: Christianity, Family and Social Change, Religious Movements, Media and Social Change, and African Sexualities.

Sarah B. Rowley, Ph.D., Indiana University. Interested in the modern United States; gender and politics in recent America; and women’s history.

Barbara Whitehead, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Focuses on intellectual movements in 18th century France and conducts research to recover the voices relegated to the second tier of Enlightenment writers and thinkers.

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