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The Department of Kinesiology provides Physical Activity Courses (PE) and study toward the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Kinesiology (KINS). The major is designed to provide the undergraduate student with a strong liberal arts background and prepares the student in the discipline of kinesiology. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and includes such sub-disciplines as biomechanics, physiology of work and exercise, motor control/motor learning, athletic training, sport pedagogy, i.e., teaching and learning of sport skills and strategies, sociology/psychology of sports and exercise, and philosophy of human movement. The department's educational goals encompass both the breadth and depth of knowledge of human movement. Courses address such questions as how and why the body moves, how simple and complex motor skills are acquired and developed over a life span, how the effects of physical activity may be immediate and lasting, and how and why injuries occur in the physically active. Students who major in Kinesiology have a variety of career opportunities, including further study in areas of kinesiology, e.g., physiology, biomechanics, psychology of exercise and sport, motor control/motor learning; further study toward a professional degree, e.g., medical school, osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, physician's assistant; athletic training; researcher at a private or public university, government agency or private organization, such as Gatorade Sport Science Institute or Nike; teacher of physical education; coach, including strength coach of a school or university; exercise technologist in a hospital or clinical setting; program director and exercise leader in corporate wellness programs; personal trainer in private business or in association with health and fitness clubs; instructor in health and fitness clubs, including YMCAs, resort centers, etc.; corporate sport leadership; sports marketing/event planner.

Course Catalog

Requirements for a major


Total courses required Nine KINS plus anatomy and statistics
Core courses KINS 100, KINS 254, KINS 309 (formerly 409), KINS 353, KINS 450, KINS 451
Other required courses
  • Two courses from KINS 350, KINS 354, KINS 410, KINS 420.
  • Two courses (one must be at the 300 or 400 level) from KINS 230, KINS 260, KINS 269, KINS 363, KINS 366, KINS 406
  • BIO 203
  • PSY 214, MATH 141 or MATH 247
Number 300 and 400 level courses Six
Senior requirement and capstone experience The senior requirement consists of the completion of KINS 450, Senior Seminar, in the fall semester of the senior year followed by KINS 451, Senior Thesis, in the spring semester. Each senior designs and proposes a research study during KINS 450. During KINS 451 the research is carried out through data collection and analysis. Results are presented in a formal setting. A faculty member mentors students throughout the process.
Writing in the Major

Writing in a scientific discipline is an integral part of disseminating knowledge. Gaining new knowledge through the scientific process is meaningless unless the knowledge is passed on to a wider audience. All writing in the sciences requires the presentation of data or ideas with precision, clarity, and objectivity so the reader can evaluate the research based on the facts presented. At all levels students will be exposed to courses that develop their ability to write in this manner.

In the Kinesiology courses leading up to the senior thesis, majors will write lab reports, reviews and summaries of original research, and at least one proposal to an institutional review board (IRB) for research involving human subjects. For their senior thesis, majors will again write an IRB proposal for their data collection and a review of current literature prior to writing their thesis in the form of a peer-reviewed journal article. Students must earn a C on their thesis to complete the writing in the major requirement.

Requirements for a minor


Total courses required Five
Core courses KINS 100, KINS 230, KINS 254, KINS 309, KINS 353
Other required courses
Number 300 and 400 level courses Two