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Inspired by wonder, philosophy bends the mind and sharpens the wits while confronting life’s deepest questions.

Shape the way you think about the nature of the universe, humanity's place in it, how one ought to live, and what we can know.  As a philosophy student, you'll study knowledge, reason, existence and value.  You'll navigate metaphysics, ethics, and the philosophies of science, law, sex and gender, and death - and develop your ability to reason effectively, defend ideas and understand difficult texts and topics.

We provide a wide variety of opportunities and programming to allow you to grasp the full value of philosophy and its practical benefits.  Our students collaborate with faculty to write a senior thesis, participate in our highly successful Ethics and Bioethics Bowl teams, formulate new questions and share their work in Philosophy Club, and interact with visiting scholars through the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics.

Despite its reputation for abstractness, the study of philosophy is surprisingly useful. The skills acquired are invaluable to any academic field and real-world problem-solving.  Philosophy students who apply to graduate school are consistently among the highest scorers on the GRE, the LSAT and other entrance exams.

Sample Courses

  • History of Western Philosophy
  • Ethical Theory
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Moral Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Sex and Gender
  • Ethics and Business
  • War and Terrorism 

Career Options

  • Graduate Programs
  • Law
  • Business
  • Teaching
  • Medicine
  • Consulting
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Administration

Pursue knowledge, discover the truth and defend your ideas.

Majors and Minors