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Exploration of how and why things work, from the very big to very small.

Make a tangible difference in a science that is always thinking forward for new possibilities. Physics take the very large (structure of the universe) and the very small (atoms, nuclei and smaller!) to explain the interactions of matter and energy in terms of a small number of basic laws. Findings of physicists shape our society’s technological advancements, astronomical venturing, medicine, law, business and engineering.

As a student of physics and astronomy, you will explore theory and conduct experiments to understand how things work and why–with access to our physics computer lab, research laboratories, metal and wood machine workshops, darkroom and physics student lounge. Faculty-student research, collaborative study, internships, and fieldwork will enhance your writing, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Explore and compare ideas with peers in DePauw’s Society of Physics Students, the Sigma Pi Sigma physics honor society, and historic McKim Observatory.

Sample Courses

  • Moons and Planets
  • Stars and Galaxies
  • Physics and Society
  • Cosmology
  • Statics
  • Electronics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Historical Astronomy
  • Astrophysics 

Career Options

  • Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy or Engineering
  • Medical School
  • Law School
  • Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management
  • National Security
  • Medical Research
  • Education
  • Journalism

Learn outside our world. 

Majors and Minors