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Psychology and Neuroscience

The scientific skills and resolve to understand and influence behavior and mental processes.

One who studies psychology or neuroscience seeks to understand the complexities and processes of the mind as a pathway to understanding humans’ perceptions, motivations, attitudes and behaviors. DePauw students who major in psychology or neuroscience take a scientific approach to address topics such as physiology, cognitive function, social influence, organizational behavior, mental disorders and treatment.

Careers & Graduates


Career counselor, Clinical counselor, Human resources practitioner, Lawyer, Researcher/research coordinator, Salesperson/marketer, School psychologist, Social worker/case manager


Adler University, Alabama University, Arizona State University, Columbia University, Duke University, Indiana University/IU School of Medicine, Kent State University, Purdue University, St. Saint Louis University, University of Denver, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of Pennsylvania

Examples of Internships

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Susanne Biehle, Ph.D., Kent State University. Research interests: transitional stressors, parenthood, romantic and sexual relationships. Co-editor of Sex Roles issue on parenting. Created a networking platform for Academic Women in Psychology.

Ted Bitner, Ed.D., Ball State University. Research interests: end of life, grief, ethics. Has made two presentations on clinical ethics consultation at international conferences and a poster presentation at a national conference on initial research findings on end-of-life issues.

Matt Hertenstein, Ph.D., University of California, Berkley. Research interests: emotion, touch, development. Author of “The Tell: The Little Clues that Reveal Big Truths about Who We Are.”

Kevin Moore, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: evolution, human behavior. Has made four presentations with DePauw students at international conferences in the past two years.

Michael Roberts, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: computational models of visual feature learning, emotional regulation, collective behavior. Won a National Science Foundation grant to improve undergraduate STEM education. Routinely presents with students at national conferences.

Scott Ross, Ph.D., Wayne State University. Research interests: personality, flow, head injury. Has had 38 peer-reviewed publications, 21 with students. Has had 139 student co-authors on conference presentations

Christina Wagner, Ph.D., Purdue University. Research interests: psycho-oncology, end of life, coping with chronic illness, health behavior change. President of Mental Health American of Putnam County, Ind. Former psychologist in a military setting.

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