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An open approach to religion and its shaping of institutional order and individual behavior.

Follow your curiosities to the foundations and footprints of the world’s greatest religions. Learn how religion has shaped political power structures, economics, class structures and conceptions of gender, marriage, work and war. Examine its influence on institutional order and the thought and behavior of the individuals who inhabit it. As a religious studies major, you will take courses and engage in research that compare the history, scriptures, beliefs and practices of Western and Asian religious traditions–and their interactions with society. 

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Religions
  • New Testament
  • Buddhism
  • Death of God
  • Modern Hinduism
  • Liberation Theology
  • Biblical Literature
  • Religion in American Culture

Career Options

  • Research
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Business
  • Education
  • Philanthropy
  • Religious Practice

Begin an investigative journey, unpacking the complexities of faith and how we understand one another.

Majors and Minors