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Data Science

Data Science

As our society becomes increasingly data-driven, a mastery of data science provides a distinct advantage in nearly any field. Through a combination of statistics, mathematics and computer science, data science gives us the tools to conduct impactful analysis and, ultimately, make better decisions. Elevate your analytical and problem-solving skills while honing your ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and precision. 



students in data science class

Internships students have participated in:

  • Microsoft

  • Oracle

  • LinkedIn

  • Amazon

  • Tesla

  • PayPal

  • Lyft

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  • Chad Byers, Ph.D., Michigan State University. Research interests: evolutionary computation, multi-objective optimization, and artificial intelligence.
  • Brian Howard, Ph.D., Stanford University. Research interests: programming languages, mathematical foundations, and functional programming in education.
  • Allana Johnson , MBA, Western Governor’s University. Research interests: underrepresentation in computing, computing ethics, and social responsibility, and human-computer interaction.
  • Mamunur Rashid, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University. Research interests: statistical computing; data visualization; data science; and applications of statistical methods, especially in public health and population studies.
  • Naima Shifa, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University. Research interests: Measurement error models; epidemiology; and public health.
  • Khadija Stewart, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University. Research interests:​ wireless networks, security, and machine learning.
  • Scott Thede, Ph.D., Purdue University. Research interests: natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and parallel computing.
  • Gloria Childress Townsend, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: evolutionary computation, gender issues in computer science, and underrepresentation in computing.