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Computer Science Department

Five Summer 2023 Internship Stories


Thao Nguyen Amazon Intern

Thao Nguyen:  Software Developer Intern at Amazon in Austin, TX.

I think just being in a real-world working environment and working with real professionals really inspired me to work hard in the next semester. I was very lucky to have both great co-workers and a great employer who both taught and guided me throughout my time.

Thao Badge

My summer project was to automate the Retail Category in Shopping Guides. My quote:  "Work hard in silence. Success out loud!"







Zotec Interns

Tuan (Alan) Le:  Data Science Intern at Zotec Partners in Carmel, Indiana.

As a CS major, my advice for securing an internship would be to focus on expanding your practical skills beyond what you learn in school. While classroom education is essential, the tech industry values hands-on experience. To stand out, consider these tips: Diversify Your Skillset, Problem-Solving Practice, Personal Projects, Networking.

During my internship as a data science intern, the most thrilling and rewarding experience was applying my machine learning knowledge to solve tangible real-life problems. I had the opportunity to work on projects that had a significant impact on the company's operations, from collecting and cleaning large datasets to developing and fine-tuning machine learning models. Collaborating with cross-functional teams expanded my understanding of the broader business context, and overcoming unexpected challenges honed my problem-solving skills. Learning from experienced data scientists and mentors was invaluable, and seeing the measurable impact of my work reinforced the value of data-driven decision-making. This internship not only deepened my technical expertise but also demonstrated the transformative potential of data science in driving positive change within organizations.


Kanyanat Project Management TraineeKanyanat Sunchatavirul:  Software Engineer and Project Management Trainee (one each month) at BackYard Co. Ltd & Principal Healthcare Company in Bangkok, Thailand.  (Kanyanat is the rightmost woman in row two.)

Throughout the time I spent here, I not only experienced the realities of working life but also acquired valuable skills and knowledge that I can continue to develop in the future. This valuable experience has not only deepened my passion for the industry but also equipped me with essential skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly pave the way for my success both in college and in my future career path.


Emily XternEmily Lewis:  Software Development Xtern at Accutech Systems Corporation in Muncie, Indiana.  (Emily is the woman on the right.)

As part of my program, I got to volunteer, do professional development, and explore Indy on the weekends! It was an amazing way to get to know the city.

My key to a successful internship was curiosity. Ask questions about established practices, shadow coworkers with different titles, and just try to take in as much as possible each day. Going in with an open mind helped me learn and grow.

Start your summer 2024 internship process soon! Many applications happen in the fall.



Truc Azure Security InternTruc Nguyen:  Software Engineer Intern in the Azure Security Eco-System at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

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