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Economics & Management

The Economics and Management department offers majors in economics and finance that broaden understanding of economic behavior, domestic and international government policies, and social institutions.

It sharpens the ability to think clearly and analytically about these and other matters, while also offering coursework in management topics. Economics majors may further define their study through pursuit of interdisciplinary minors in international business or business administration. Studying economics may also help students reach a variety of specific career goals. Economics students have careers in banks and other financial institutions, accounting and management consulting firms, manufacturing, public utilities, commerce and government service. A background in economics is also excellent preparation for graduate study in law and business.

Sample Courses:

Contemporary Economic Problems, Managerial Accounting, Urban Economics, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Applied Game Theory, Development Economics, Health Economics




Angie Hicks '95 with Angie's list backdrop

Economics Major and Management Fellow Angie Hicks '95

Founder and chief marketing officer of Angie's List Angie Hicks is a 1995 graduate of DePauw.