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Department of Geosciences

Not Your Ordinary Classrooms... Not Your Ordinary Majors...

Welcome Spring 2021 students & Prospective students and their families!

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Department of Geoscience faculty and staff may be working remotely from their home/office.  However, we'd love to set up a meeting to talk to you, either remotely or in person using masks and observing social distancing guidelines.

Scott Wilkerson (chair) - mswilke@depauw.edu - 765-658-4666
Ken Brown - kennethbrown@depauw.edu  - 765-658-6767
Tim Cope - tcope@depauw.edu - 765-658-6443
Rachel Curtis (administrative assistant) - rcurtis@depauw.edu - 765-658-4654
      Office Hours:  MWF: 12:30 pm-4:30 pm
      Remote Hours:  MWF: 8:00 am-11:30 am; TR: 8:00 am-4:30 pm

WHAT do Geoscientists do?

Geoscientists study the Earth, including the materials that compose it, the processes that continuously change it, and its evolution over time. Geoscientists address increasingly challenging problems that confront a growing human population: climate change, dwindling natural resources, earthquake prediction and natural hazard identification, human environmental impact, and safe disposal of toxic and radioactive waste materials. Because these studies involve investigations of relationships between Earth’s systems, the geosciences are inherently interdisciplinary and include aspects of chemistry, biology and physics.  

What MAJORS & MINORS do we offer?

Geology, Environmental Geoscience, Earth Science, and Geography (minor only).  

The Environmental Geoscience major & minor utilize environmental courses from many other disciplines across campus to provide an environmental concentration in the areas of Environmental Science and Environmental Studies.  Read more...

Why Major in the Geosciences AT DEPAUW?

Department of Geosciences’ graduates have been very successful in...

  • pursuing careers in environmental consulting, mining & energy industries, education, and government direct from DePauw, and
  • being admitted to prestigious graduate programs nationwide
    (with stipends of $15,000-$28,000 per year on top of full tuition waivers).  Read more...

What kind of community are we? 

In the Department of Geosciences at DePauw University, we believe that it is an opportunity and a privilege to learn from, serve, and interact with diverse individuals from all backgrounds. As such, we welcome all identities, including, but not limited to ethnicity, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, geographic origin, socioeconomic background, veteran status, and abilities.

Our mission is to create a welcoming community of learning, scholarship, and mentorship that is free of racism, prejudice, discrimination, and intimidation. Through our shared teaching, research, and service commitments, we are building a community based on mutual respect and understanding, and that values the open exchange of ideas and diverse perspectives from all.

@depauwgeo on Twitter