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Syllabi Archive

The Syllabi Archive dates back to 2006.  If the class listed does not have a link, the class syllabi is not available electronically. If you require syllabi other than what is listed here, a copy may possibly be obtained by emailing the department secretary.

FALL 2011 Syllabi

HIST 108 - Modern China & Japan (Chang)
HIST 109 - African Civilizations (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST 111 - Euro Civ I, 1300-1800 (Whitehead)
HIST 112 - Euro Civ II, 1789-Present (Bruggemann)
HIST 115 - Colonial Latin America (Johnson)
HIST 197B - FYS: Declaration of Independence (Gellman)
HIST 197C - FYS: Baseball History (Bohmer)
HIST 197D - FYS: British Empire (Dewey)
HIST 256 - African Cultures (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST 263 - Founding US Civilizations (Gellman)
HIST 265 - 20th-Century US (Steinson)
HIST 290 - Tps: Brazil (Johnson)
HIST 295 - History Today: Debates/Practices (Dewey)
HIST 338 - The Enlightenment (Whitehead)
HIST 356 - African Slavery (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST 364 - Civil War/Reconstruction (Schlotterbeck)
HIST 368 - US in the Sixties (Steinson)
HIST 373 - Chicago and New York (Gellman)
HSIT 490A - Seminar (Bruggemann)
HIST 490B - Seminar (Dewey)

SPRING 2011 Syllabi

HIST105-The American Experience: Unsolved Colonial Mysteries (Gellman)
HIST107-Intro to China & Japan (Chiang)
HIST110-Modern Africa (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST111-Euro Civ 1300-1800 (Berenberg)
HIST112A- Euro Civ II 1789-Present (Bruggemann)
HIST112B-Euro Civ II 1789-Present (Ward)
HIST116-Modern Latin America (Kuecker)
HIST242-Modern Russia (Ward)
HIST252-US-East Asian Relations (Chiang)
HIST263-Founding of US Civilizations (Schlotterbeck)
HIST264-Nineteenth-Century US (Schlotterbeck) 
HIST265-20th Century US (Steinson)
HIST281-Africa & Black Diaspora (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST290-Tps:Imperial Spain 1469-1808 (Berenberg)
HIST295-History Today: Debates and Practices (Bruggemann)
HIST300A-Tps: Latin American Environment History (Kuecker) 
HIST300C-Tps: Collaboration, Resistance, and Retribution in Europe 1938-1948 (Ward)
HIST300D-Tps: Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Middle Ages (Berenberg)
HIST353-Industrial East Asia (Chiang)
HIST355-African Nationalism 1890-1985 (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST362-Voices of a Revoultionary Age, 1763-1815 (Gellman)
HIST375-Women's Social and Political Movements (Steinson)
HIST399-Intership in Public History (Schlotterbeck)

FALL 2010 Syllabi

HIST105-American Experience: Popular Music (Schlotterbeck)
HIST108-Modern China and Japan (Chiang)
HIST109-African Civilizations (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST111-Euro Civ I (Berenberg)
HIST112B-Euro Civ II (Bruggemann)
HIST112A/C-Euro Civ II (Ward)
HIST197A-FYS:The Great War (Steinson)
HIST197B-FYS: Baseball as American History (Bohmer) 
HIST197C-FYS:Holocaust and History (Bruggemann)
HIST197D-FYS: A History of Justice (Berenberg) 
HIST256-African Cultures (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST263-Founding US Civilization (Schlotterbeck)
HIST264-Nineteenth-Century US (Gellman)
HIST277- US Womens History: 1700-1900 (Steinson)
HIST290A-Tps:Globalization and Migration (Kuecker)
HIST290B-Tps:The Rise and Fall of the Nation in Europe (Ward) 
HIST295-History Today: Debates and Practices (Bruggemann)
HIST334-Tps: History Beyond the Classroom (Schlotterbeck) 
HIST336-The Witchcraze in Early Modern Europe (Berenberg) 
HIST 351-Women & Family in Modern China (Chiang)
HIST356-African Slavery (Dixon-Fyle)
HIST385-Latin American Revolutions (Kuecker) 
HIST490A-Senior Seminar (Steinson)
HIST490B-Senior Seminar (Kuecker)