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Independent Interdisciplinary Major Application Process and Forms

Application Process and Forms

An independent interdisciplinary major will be supervised by a committee of three faculty members, all of whom must sign the application, approve all changes to the major, and approve the senior comprehensive requirement.

Application Process

1.  Prepare the application form and a written proposal that provides a rationale for the major. The interdisciplinary major proposal should be thorough, detailed, and well-argued. It must clearly articulate a compelling rationale for the major as a whole, and should indicate how the proposed courses fit into the overall plan of study. Although the senior comprehensive requirement may not be fully conceptualized at this stage, the proposal should include specific possibilities.

An advising session with the Associate Dean is recommended at this point in the application process.

2.  Discuss the plan of study and proposal with the three faculty members that will serve on the committee. Obtain each faculty member’s signature of approval. The faculty member listed as “first advisor” will serve as the student’s academic advisor in university procedures such as course requests and signatures on forms.

3.  Submit the completed application and proposal to the Associate Dean who, in consultation with the Office of the Registrar, will confirm the proposed major is consistent with university requirements. If approved, a copy of the application form will be sent to each member of the committee and to the student. The official file containing the proposal and related forms is kept in the Registrar’s Office.

The interdisciplinary major should be approved by the end of the sixth week of the second semester of the sophomore year. In no case may such a major be approved later than the sixth week of the first semester of the junior year.

Changes to the interdisciplinary major must be approved by the committee members and the Associate Dean.


Independent Interdisciplinary Major Proposal Form

Senior Comprehensive Requirement Plan

Senior Comprehensive Requirement Certification Form

Alteration to the Major Form