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Peace and Conflict Studies

Conflict studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines conflict from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Because of the ubiquity and significance of conflict in human affairs, the study of the causes, processes and resolution of conflict is increasingly claiming a central place in how we understand and engage the world. Majors apply a wide array of theoretical lenses (e.g., Social Psychology, Gender, Critical Security, Post-Colonial) to the exploration of conflict at all levels (intra-personal to international), conflict-types (e.g., interest, value, structural) and substantive issues (e.g., contemporary armed conflict, human rights, environment, labor- management, globalization, culture, interfaith). More than 15 departments offer courses that qualify for Conflict Studies credit. Courses allow self-directed students to consider the practical dynamics of pre- venting, managing, resolving and/ or transforming conflict. Through the theoretically informed analysis of in-depth case studies, students develop the analytical and reasoning skills necessary to make structural and relational change possible.

Sample Courses:

Topics in Conflict Studies; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Senior Seminar: The Study and Analysis of Conflict, Intercultural Conflict, God at Peace and War, Advanced Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Introduction to Conflict Studies


Student Protest Involvement

DePauw students attend anti-war protest in Washington, DC.

DePauw Students at Amnesty International Conference