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Department of Philosophy


Philosophy encompasses the study of knowledge, reason, existence, and value. Philosophers carefully consider the nature of the universe, humanity's place in it, the proper conduct of individual and social life, and what we can know.

Studying philosophy involves learning about its history and methods as well as its subdisciplines - metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, philosophy of law, aesthetics, philosophy of sex and gender, and so on. DePauw's philosophy faculty teach about all of these and more, and include specialists in philosophy of religion, continental philosophy, professional ethics, environmental ethics, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy. The full list of philosophy courses in the DePauw catalog, and descriptions of this semester's offerings, can be found via the links to the left.

Despite its well-earned reputation for abstractness, the study of philosophy is surprisingly useful. Moreover, at DePauw there are special opportunities for students like taking part in the Philosophy Club, collaborating with faculty to write a senior thesis, and participating in the University's highly successful Ethics Bowl team.